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"After all over the last 18 months you all became my mother in laws extended family enabling her to maintain her independence and to live at home. I am so grateful for that and I too came to know many of the carers, thank you again for all your support".

DC, Daughter in Law

"I was glad to catch up with my friend. I was pleased to find her relaxed and also to admire her painted nails and matching pink cardigan.

It sounds as though you and Vic have developed a good professional relationship with the residential care home and, most importantly, that my friend is benefiting from some very attentive 121 time with your team of carers.

Every client is of course an individual, but I am impressed with the way you have adapted your care support for my friend in a novel "care home" setting."

MW (Friend of the service user)

Dorothy lives with her husband James in their family home in Reigate. They have been married for 45 years and share a beautiful married life. Dorothy used to teach music in local school, led a choir and organised music concerts and at retirement she took private piano lessons - students would come to the house for lessons. James worked in export industry and had the opportunity to travel the world.

Our care team has been providing support for Dorothy for the last 21 months. We started by visiting once a day in the morning, this helped Dorothy have a good start to her day and allowed James to focus on some of the other house hold duties. Sadly, Dorothy's dementia deteriorated, and she needed more support during the day. They are now supported by a carer who lives with them in their house.

The care team takes keen interest in supporting Dorothy to have a positive experience each day, the carers are very sensitive about avoiding the situations that may trigger Dorothy to get upset. Dorothy spends her day enjoying the bird visitors in the garden and shares her expert knowledge with the care team, she listens to music but stopped playing piano until sometime ago the carer played a rough tune to get Dorothy's attention and she went up to the piano to play it correctly. This left her feeling very happy and clam for the rest of the day. Care team make great effort in showing interest in Dorothy's hobbies and things that are important to her, she likes looking at the photo albums of her family and friends which helps reminisce beautiful memories.

Dorothy's and her husband's ultimate goal is to stay at home with the support of the care team.

To support Dorothy effectively same CareGivers visit her on a regular basis so they are able to develop a good understanding of Dorothy's and James's needs and support them well to live their lives as happily as possible. Although the care support is for Dorothy but the CareGivers spend time with James too, as it can be lonely for the spouse where the other person is living with dementia.

To support the couple the management team attends the Multi-Disciplinary team Meetings to ensure that all professionals are communicating clearly and providing appropriate, safe and quality service to Dorothy without compromising her relationship with her husband. The care and the management team are set up to provide support proactively, unfortunately James had a fall and had to stay in the hospital for two weeks, meaning that Dorothy could be alone overnight - Dorothy was used to having someone sleep next to her. Therefore, to reduce Dorothy's anxiety, members of the care team who she knew stayed overnight to reassure her, to keep her company and safe overnight. Very often, she was not aware that the person in the room was not her husband, but she referred to him and checked to see if he was ok through the night and the carers were able to reassure her. This kept the consistency for Dorothy and meant that her routine was not changed, and she stayed at home, staying at home with her husband is important for Dorothy and she regularly says how 'lucky' she is to live there.

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