Twiddle Muff Campaign

Helping to provide sensory tools to those living with Dementia

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Published: 28/03/2024

This January, Right at Home East Lancs introduced the 'Knit for Dementia Campaign', asking local volunteers in the Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley to help us create more twiddle muffs for those living with dementia in our communities. After a fantastic response from local groups, we are now able to provide these colourful and captivating sensory tools. They are aimed at the keeping restless hands of someone living with dementia, occupied and warm. Twiddle muffs can be adapted to change with each individual's ever-changing needs. They are usually bright, colourful, made from wool and have buttons, zips, bells or ribbons that can be sewn to the inside and outside. Each one is unique and we encourage each person to select their own - a twiddle muff that catches their eye. 

People with dementia can often experience restless hands, so having this tool to hand can provide a source of visual and sensory stimulation, which can help keep them calm when agitated. For families looking after their loved-ones at home, twiddle muffs can help contribute towards their daily routine. At any event, we have twiddle muffs ready to hand out to those that will benefit from them the most.

We always look to learn more about what interests our clients, and become involved in the activities which they enjoy. Here, Vicky shows  Lisa the basic skills in knitting, with Lisa aiming to create a twiddle muff for the campaign.

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As one of the top-quality home care providers in the East Lancashire and Ribble Valley area, we are always looking at what we can do to help improve things for our clients and their families. This includes providing FREE monthly 'dementia friendly' events, including our Golden Cinema, helping local charities to raise funds or donations and creating awareness with regular talks to community groups. We have always been passionate about supporting those that we care for, and will always campaign to raise awareness for conditions that affect their daily lives. 

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