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Published: 13/03/2024

As our loved ones’ age, they may benefit from additional care and support to maintain their quality of independent lifestyle. In such situations, deciding between live-in care and care homes is a life-changing and often difficult decision. Both care options have their own set of advantages to consider. But ultimately, the choice you make should be tailored to your loved ones' unique needs and preferences.


In this blog post, we will explore the key differences between care homes and live-in care in Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley. Our aim is to help you make an informed decision that aligns your loved ones' needs and best interests.


What is the difference between live-in care, assisted living, and care homes?


If your loved one requires full-time care, there are several options available:


Full-time Home Care Support:


Live-in homecare: Our trusted live-in Carers in Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley move in with a Client, living together full-time. To ease any possible anxieties, we make an introduction before-hand, ensuring the ideal match. Together, they define an agreed care plan, with all care taken to incorporate a person's preferences and wishes, putting in place a routine to maintain their independence at home.


24-hour homecare: Our 24-hour homecare service in Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley assigns a day-time and a night-time Carer to each Client. Providing home care in shifts, we ensure that your loved one has a permanent round-the-clock at home support. With a regular team of Carers, we tailor the care package to each individual.


Residential or Assisted Living care:


Assisted living: Also referred to as ‘extra-care housing’, assisted living facilities provide some level of independence within a housing development. Residents live in self-contained flats with visits from Carers at agreed times. Usually at specific times of day a warden will be on hand, which is usually limited to normal working hours between Monday and Friday.


Care homes: Residential care homes are a shared accommodation option tailored towards people in later life. Care homes usually provide 24-hour healthcare and catering teams on-site. Care for each client can be limited, due to the staff overseeing all residents. 


Why choose live-in care instead of residential care

Remain in a familiar environment

One of the most significant advantages of live-in care is that your loved one can remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. The home is not just a physical place; it holds a lifetime of memories and emotional attachments. Remaining in a familiar environment can significantly reduce your loved one's stress, anxiety, and the emotional toll that often accompanies a move to a care facility. Live-in care enables your loved one to maintain their routine and cherished possessions, while receiving essential care and support.


Helping couples to stay together

Live-in care can also help a couple stay together, rather than being parted from a move into residential care. Care plans can be created for both individuals, assisting with their daily routines, enhancing quality of life and most importantly maintaining their life together. Often, this option can be financially more affordable than the cost of two in a residential home setting.


Receive a personalised care plan

Right at Home East Lancashire and Ribble Valley provide highly quality personalised care plans, tailored to your loved one's specific needs and preferences. The Carers take the time to get to know each your loved one, understanding their unique requirements, routines, and even their favourite hobbies and activities. Above all, live-in Carers create a supportive and compassionate environment that revolves around your loved one's well-being, comfort, and happiness.


Maintain independence

Live-in care promotes independence by allowing your loved one to continue with their routines and make decisions about their day-to-day life. The live-in Carer’s role is not to take over but to provide the necessary support, whilst enabling your loved one to retain a sense of control and autonomy.


Form genuine friendships

Loneliness and isolation can be particularly challenging for the elderly, affecting their emotional and mental well-being. Live-in Carers serve as consistent companions, building genuine bonds with their Clients, providing practical and emotional support, as well as social interaction. Live-in Carers engage in conversation, share stories, play games and participate in activities that bring joy and meaning to their your loved one’s life. This genuine companionship promotes a sense of belonging, whilst enriching daily experiences.




The benefits of assisted living or residential care

Sense of community

Depending on an individual's personal circumstances, homecare may not be the most viable option. This is one of the main reasons for an extensive assessment, to consider if staying at home is the safest option for that person.

Care homes offer residents a valuable sense of community and social interaction. These environments create opportunities for enable individuals to participate in group activities and build connections with fellow residents. Through shared experiences and common spaces, residents often can make new friends and enjoy regular socialising. 

A similar sense of community engagement can be found through our regular companionship care service. Whilst care homes offer the chance to join social events on site, live-in Carers support engagement with the wider community in Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley, that offer a wide range of community events, aimed at keeping our senior community active, including our 'free' monthly Golden Cinema


Many of our Clients enjoy getting involved with community activities including:

  • Shopping
  • Meeting friends or lunch at their favourite place
  • Weekly local groups, aimed at promoting at improving their well-being

Safety and security

Care homes can offer a reassuring degree of safety and security for their residents. Just as live-in or 24-hour home care can offer, providing on-site support 24/7.

However, depending on the your loved one’s needs, a sterile living environment may be unsettling .For example, people with Dementia may struggle to adjust to a new and strange environment and could feel more secure with full-time, one-to-one care with Right at Home East Lancs instead.

To retain a sense of safety at home, our Carers are discreet. No one needs to know that you or your loved one receive homecare services.

Comforting routines

Care homes can provide a structured and comforting routine for residents. For many elderly individuals or those in need of specialised care, routines can provide a sense of stability and predictability. Residential homes set daily schedules including set meal times, recreational activities and exercise. A daily structure can provide a residents feeling of security, as residents know what to expect each day.

For those who enjoy a little more flexibility, live-in homecare allows you to set your own routine with your Carer. Flexibility is an essential part of retaining independence. Personalised homecare care plans offer a wider range of routines than residential care homes can provide for.


Live-in care vs care homes in which should you choose?


When deciding between full-time homecare and residential care  depends on the individual needs and preferences. Live-in care offers more independence and a familiar setting for those who may still require assistance with daily tasks or need reassurance. Care is provided on a more one-to-one basis, with a Carer who is matched from your loved ones' preferences and will solely care for that person. If a person requires nursing care, a residential home would possibly provide a safer environment, with the correct equipment and multiple staff to assist with transferring. 

It's important to carefully consider all care options and choose the option that is best meets the specific needs of your loved one.


Find out more about our live-in care at home available in Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley, and surrounding areas. 

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Live-in care opposed to residential care

"An excellent service was provided from the first telephone contact! Exceptional care is provided on 24/7 basis, I feel that my mother is completely cared for. I have no hesitation in saying we always receive excellent care and continuous communication from the office. Mum's team of carers, have really built a strong bond and this has made a huge difference to her well-being. It has certainly made a difference to us, I'm now am able to go away and not be constantly worried if mum is safe. "

R.F | Son of client

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