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24-Hour Care at Home in Alton and Bordon

Full-time support from professional and compassionate CareGivers who understand their Clients’ individual care needs.

What is 24-hour care in Alton & Bordon?

Our 24-hour homecare services involve having a professional CareGiver on hand throughout the day and another through the night. Our Carers keep a close eye on our Clients, to keep them safe and comfortable 24 hours a day.

24-hour care services are a realistic and valuable alternative to residential care. Above all, full-time care at home allows your loved one to remain in familiar surroundings.

Get in touch with your Right at Home office in Alton and Bordon to discuss whether 24-hour care is the right step for your loved one.

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"I am so pleased I found Right at Home. They have made a significant difference to Mum’s life and go out of their way to get things right for her. She really enjoys the company the carers provide. Wholeheartedly recommend."

Gina H | Daughter of Client | Churt

Right at Home Alton and Bordon’s full-time care at home 

Right at Home offers this type of care to anyone who needs it. Our full-time care Clients often include people with dementia, who may be prone to putting themselves at risk through confusion or disorientation. We also support those with poor mobility who are unable to move around their home without assistance.

Every family who needs around-the-clock care for a relative has their own unique story. What all of our Clients share in common is the desire to provide the very best for their loved one, particularly when their needs become greater than the family can manage.

24-hour care is often needed as our loved ones approach end-of-life. Our CareGivers in Croydon are fully trained to support all Clients in their day-to-day lives, particularly those who need the reassurance and peace of mind of having someone nearby.

What are the benefits of 24-hour care at home?

Most importantly, our Croydon-based 24-hour homecare services provide peace of mind for our Clients and their loved ones. Beyond physical support and companionship, 24-hour care offers:

  • Reassurance for older people who may otherwise suffer from loneliness
  • Improved personal care, including reducing the common risks of UTIs and skin infections
  • Reduced fall risk
  • Lower risk of dehydration or hunger
  • Improved socialisation and quality of life

Our full-time CareGivers understand exactly how to care for the individual needs of each Client.

We give our Clients the level of care that we would want for our own family members. All of our full-time care at home providers understand the importance of first-rate communication; that’s why we work in close partnership with others to offer personalised support.

All of our care packages are designed to suit the unique requirements of each Client. We spend time getting to know and understand their needs and aim to deliver the very best care every time. 

When is it the right time for 24-hour care?

If you are looking after a loved one, there may come a time to consider employing 24-hour care. It can be hard to know when the time is right, but if you are struggling to provide safe and effective care yourself, then there is no shame in getting help.

There are certain things to consider that can help you make your decision regarding full-time care. We recommend asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is your loved one safe if they’re home alone?

Is there a possibility that your loved one may not be safe when someone isn’t around to care for them? Are you worried that your loved one may fall or otherwise hurt themselves? It may be time to seek support from a full-time Carer. Similarly if you are concerned that your loved one isn’t able to meet their own physical needs, such as eating and drinking, our team of Carers can help. 

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by providing care?

CareGiver stress can be an important sign that it may be time to seek help from someone else. If you just need some short-term support or temporary relief, you may want to look into our respite care services.

  • Does your loved one require more care than you are qualified to provide? 

Most people aren’t trained to deal with the full extent of their loved one’s needs. If they require specialist care in response to a medical condition, then it’s likely time to consider 24-hour support.

Of course there are other factors to consider when deciding what is right for you and your family; but these questions are a good place to start. 

Our friendly and supportive team of full-time Carers and facilitators will help to define a care plan that suits you. The most important thing is to acknowledge that your loved one’s safety ought to come first. Remember: there is no shame in enlisting full-time support to meet their care requirements. 

If you’re considering 24-hour homecare, or would just like a chat, get in touch with Right at Home in Alton and Bordon to discuss the next steps. 

FAQs about our 24-hour support service in Alton and Bordon

What is the difference between live-in care and 24-hour care?

24-hour care involves having two dedicated CareGivers visit for a set period of time. One of our CareGivers will stay throughout the day and the other will stay during the night. 

Having a live-in Carer is different as this involves a single CareGiver taking up residence in your home. Live in-Carers have agreed working hours and are not necessarily on-call 24-hours a day.

Take a look at our live-in care services that are also available in Alton and Bordon to consider which care package would suit your circumstances best. Or speak to a member of our team for further information.

How much does 24-hour care cost in Alton and Bordon?

Our 24-hour in-home care cost is calculated based on the individual needs of each Client. In some cases, local councils or local authority organisations may offer support to help pay for a full-time home Carer. 

To find out more about funding opportunities, visit the East Hampshire Council website. Or take a look at our Guide to Funding and Planning.

Similarly, live-in care costs vary according to each individual care plan. Both services are available long-term or short-term, to suit your needs.

Contact our friendly team in Alton and Bordon to discuss your cost of care budget and outline a care plan.

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