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At Right at Home Reading & Wokingham District, we offer at-home support for people living with dementia to provide our Clients and their families with an improved quality of life

A mindful service for people living with dementia and those who support them. 

  • Specialist dementia support, care & guidance in Reading & Wokingham District
  • Helping families enjoy quality time with their loved ones
  • Carefully Matched CareGivers are on-hand when you need them most. 

Living with dementia is a big challenge for everyone involved. But it’s important to know that you do not have to embark on the journey alone. Right at Home Reading & Wokingham District offers tailored dementia support services designed to help your loved ones live independently for as long as they can. 

We want to support and educate loved ones on how best to care for someone living with dementia. That’s why we offer our dementia support at home, where Clients are surrounded by familiar settings and home comforts. Our support programme aims to help you adapt to living with dementia, teaching techniques to help you get the most out of every day. We promote independence and adapt our level of support according to each Client's unique needs.

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The benefits of our dementia support programme 

At Right at Home Reading & Wokingham District, our CareGivers are not only there for their Clients, but also for their families and close support network. When it comes to dementia support, we recognise that a community effort works best. Our team will work with you to understand and support a person living with dementia. We balance practical and physical support with emotional guidance and recommendations to maximise the quality time you have together. Our specialist support programme for those living with dementia is tailored to the severity of the symptoms, providing extra support where you need it most.

"Right at Home (Reading & Wokingham District) have been supporting my mother-in-law for the past four years and have been doing a fantastic job. As her condition has progressed they have responded through regular reviews so that they could better support her as her needs changed..…We applaud the dedication and hard work of all the carers and we could not maintain her independence without them. Thank you Right at Home!”"

DK | Son in law of Client

Dementia support programme pillars of care

We ensure that our Clients living with dementia have everything they need to stay healthy and independent for as long as possible. This includes:

1) Maintaining a healthy diet

Dementia can affect the sense of taste and make mealtimes more challenging. Right at Home Reading & Wokingham District stay focused on providing a balanced, healthy and hydrating diet to make sure our Clients are getting the nutrients they need.

2) Having someone to talk to

Dementia can be isolating, so we aim to give our Clients a sense of inclusion. We help our Clients living with dementia to feel included. This could include having a chat about their day, visiting friends, or perhaps a video call with loved ones. We tailor interactions with Clients according to the individual and their communication abilities.

3) Keeping physically and mentally active

Our CareGivers help to keep our Clients active through physical and mental activities, whether it’s through a board game or a stroll in the garden. We find this is really important for helping our Clients to remain independent. 

4) Practising familiar tasks

We support our Clients living with dementia to do as much as they can for themselves to maintain a sense of their independence for as long as possible. Where helpful, we encourage our Clients to learn and remember by using simple cues, prompts, and images. 

Client and CareGiver

"I could not ask for better service and care! The staff at Right at Home are cheerful, thoughtful and vigilant in their care of my mother, who has Alzheimer’s. They are always contactable and will respond quickly and efficiently when there is a need to change a visit, or an appointment that is needed for Mum....The most valuable thing Right at Home has given me is peace of mind. I know Mum has truly excellent care now, and it has enabled her to stay in her own home, which is where she wants to be.”"

KF | Daughter of Client

Why is dementia care important?

A reliable routine can help those living with dementia to make sense of their day and maintain as much focus as possible. Although every individual is unique, dementia typically tends to affect short-term memory first. Keeping up with a routine that closely resembles one they have always had can help to reduce agitation. One of the key pillars of the Right at Home Reading & Wokingham District dementia support programme is to keep up with familiar tasks. In doing so, this helps our Clients remain independent and feel at ease with their surroundings. We navigate around memory loss using a variety of cues, prompts and images that are familiar to them. Our dementia support programme is here to help you focus on building lasting memories with your loved one. Our team help you understand how your loved one is feeling each day and can support you with tried and tested coping mechanisms so you can be prepared to handle every emotion. 

Dementia family support

Our specialist support offers practical and social care for your loved ones, helping to put you at ease. We can help to navigate common challenges associated with living with dementia. For example, we work with Clients to combat memory loss, keeping them safe from becoming disorientated. We can equip all family members with the tools and skills they need to connect with their loved ones living with long-term dementia symptoms. We encourage healthy communication, helping you to understand and adjust to the changes that you may see in your loved one. 

Caring for your loved one can be a full-time job even when you have external help. That’s why it is really important to remember to take time for yourself to refresh and keep up-to-date with your own life. Our ultimate goal is to put families at ease knowing that their loved ones are safe and looked after. We provide regular updates, allowing you to monitor progress in real time when you can’t be there in person.

Dementia community support

It’s hugely beneficial for a person living with symptoms of dementia to maintain a healthy social life. This can help your loved one retain a good understanding of what is happening around them and stay grounded.

Our CareGivers and Clients enjoy regular relaxing or exciting leisure activities/hobbies together. Whether it’s a game of scrabble, cards, or a day out, we always help our Clients get the most out of their day. We pick support activities that have personal significance and are most enjoyable to them. Our Reading & Wokingham District based Caregivers can also accompany Clients to their own social events, helping them to reconnect with their loved ones. This approach is based on years of clinical research that suggests we should treat dementia as the start of a new phase in someone’s life.

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