Nick Turner

From 40 years’ voluntary experience to success

Right at Home franchisee, Nick Turner, dropped out of school, travelled the world for three years, before opening his own business making furniture. However, when his mother was diagnosed with dementia, Nick’s eyes were opened to the challange of finding good quality care.

When he ran his own bespoke furniture business, Nick Turner was also a volunteer visitor – and had been for about 40 years, prior to opening Right at Home mid-Hampshire. His compassionate nature, and consideration for others, made him an easy person to speak with, and pleasant company for those in hospital, or care homes who were otherwise alone.

So, when he came across the Right at Home (RaH) franchise, it seemed a natural choice. “Meeting Clients who need care is similar to meeting a customer who needs a handmade kitchen,” Nick explains. “You draw alongside them. You hold their hand as you guide them to where they want to be, connecting with their story along the way. I’m very sociable, and have always supported anyone who needed a helping hand.” These attributes made Nick Turner the perfect candidate for RaH.

As a homecare franchise, RaH are committed to delivering outstanding quality care to Clients. At the heart of every local RaH office, is a desire to support Clients’ independence in their own homes. Franchisees and CareGivers, treat them as part of the family – often going the extra mile.

The catalyst which led Nick to invest in RaH, was his mother. “My mother suffered with dementia. About a year after she died, I was at a wedding where I met a RaH franchisee,” he explains. “We were talking about what he did, and within minutes, I knew it was something I’d love to do. It was my lightbulb moment!”

When he met with Ken Deary, CEO of RaH UK, Nick felt an instant connection with wanting to provide high-end care. “I’d wanted to work in care before, so RaH was ideal. With their extensive knowledge of the care industry, and business management, I felt confident I could do it. It would have taken longer to reach my current level of success without their training and support.”

Nick recognises the importance of the RaH network, highlighting the impact it has. “RaH have chosen their franchisees extremely well; there is terrific camaraderie between us; Everyone is committed to supporting each other, as we seek to deliver exceptional services to Clients. And National Office support is beyond outstanding. People of the highest caliber work behind the scenes, to help us succeed. Knowing they are behind you, is a real boost.”

Looking to the future, Nick says, “As I grow, I want my staff of 65 CareGivers to have fun, as they deliver outstanding care to our Clients. The furniture business was static, RaH is different! My aim is, to keep growing, until I am the one who needs care!”

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Nick Turner

Owner, Right at Home Mid Hampshire

Nick Turner

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