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Right at Home welcomes feedback and views it as a positive learning tool. If you have a comment, complaint or compliment, please get in touch.

Our aim to improve services means that we will not only learn from where we need to make changes for the better, but we will also learn from what we do well.

Complaints will be acknowledged, whether they are made verbally or in writing and will be resolved by way of an apology or explanation about the circumstances after a full investigation. If a complaint is going to take longer to investigate than originally anticipated, we will write again (as soon as we know it is going to overrun) to explain the delay and the new expected completion date. We will also inform the complainant by letter or email.

How to leave your feedback:

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Office Opening Hours

We take concerns very seriously and aim to acknowledge all complaints accordingly:

Type Response/Action Timescale
Initial verbal complaint

Acknowledgement via telephone


Full written response Complaint lead Action:

•     Log on complaint database

•     Acknowledge

•     Investigate

•     Written response

•     Copies on complaint file

•     Copies on Client file

•     Copies on CareGiver file (where applicable)

Immediate / same day




Within 7 days

Initial written complaint As above As above
Further complaints

Acknowledgement via telephone. Offer meeting if appropriate.



Update reports, via telephone and letter.


Full written response Record/file on complaint data base, Client file and CareGiver file (where applicable).




Same day Every 7 days



Within 28 days