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Our quality care services are built around your specific needs and preferences.

Quality elderly care services from Right at Home

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At Right at Home, we provide homecare for elderly people, in their own homes. Whether you, or a family member, needs a little extra help around the house, Right at Home can support you. Our home help for elderly people ranges from assistance at either end of the day to 24-hour support. We make arranging care as easy as possible – all from the comfort of your own home.

Our homecare services can support seniors with those every day tasks that may have become difficult to manage. We recognise that daily activities may not be as easy to complete as they once were. But our friendly team of CareGivers can help with dressing, bathing, cooking and more.

Get in touch with your local Right at Home office to discuss the type of care that might suit you. 

What we mean by care for elders

Sometimes referred to as ‘domiciliary care’, our services offer social care for elderly people, at home. Our specially trained and friendly team of CareGivers provide support with a wide-range of tasks, including:

  • Housework, such as cleaning, laundry and vacuuming
  • Shopping and running errands
  • Cooking meals, to your personal tastes
  • Washing and physical assistance
  • Personal care, to maintain good hygiene
  • Continence care, from help using the toilet to changing pads or catheters
  • Medication support, offering reminders to ensure medication is taken on time

"Very happy with the care received for my elderly parents, both of whom have dementia along with various other health needs. Everything taken care of from providing company, cooking, cleaning, help with washing, laundry, preparing meals, monitoring needs, management, and communication of any issues/developments."

Dominic L | Son of Client

Elderly care in the comfort of your own home

We maintain varied care options, tailored to make life easier for older people living independently. Our services are reliable, flexible and highly-personalised, prioritising our Clients’ interests above all else.

Beyond all of the practical support we offer for elderly people living at home, we offer invaluable companionship. All of our CareGivers are carefully selected to match our Clients’ personal interests. This considered matching service allows for a true friendship to forge between Client and CareGiver.

We treat our Clients as part of our extended family and aim to become an indispensable part of their support network. Regular visits, arranged at a time to suit you, offer reliable and reassuring support for elderly people living at home.

Why is elderly care important?

Needing a little help is an inevitable part of getting older. Regardless of healthcare needs or specialist requirements, the structure of our lives change as we reach old age. Elderly care enables people to continue living as they choose, and where they choose, with extra support as and when they need it.

Offering homecare for elderly people in their own home enables our Clients to maintain dignity and independence in familiar surroundings. Elder care is important for many, as a way of completing practical, day-to-day activities safely. Also, it is often vital for combating loneliness.

For Clients with dementia, elderly care at home is vital for providing a calm, reassuring and familiar structure. For others, elder care offers a comfort, knowing that there’s always someone you can rely on.

FAQs about our elderly care services

How much does elderly homecare cost?

The cost of our homecare will depend on the Client’s individual needs and the number of hours of care provided. Please contact us so we can provide you with an estimated cost of care.

Our preferred minimum care visit is one hour. This allows us enough time to complete tasks properly and to get to know our Clients well. We listen to our Clients carefully and observe any changes in their health or wellbeing. 

You may be eligible for local authority funding or support from social services to access suitable care. You can find out more in our guide to Funding & Planning.

What are the different types of elderly homecare?

Home help for elderly people can take many different forms, so we offer a personalised care plan for every Client. 

Depending on your situation, our elder care services may incorporate more specialist types of homecare, such as:

What elderly care support do you offer?

Our highly trained CareGivers can help with the activities of daily living that may have become difficult to manage. Our home help for elderly people includes bathing, dressing and cooking, amongst other tasks. 

Our elder care is outcome focused, allowing you to set your own goals and achieve them with our help.

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