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Private Live-in Care Services

Domiciliary care to keep your loved ones in their own home for as long as possible.

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What is live-in homecare?

Live-in care involves having a fully-trained Carer who lives in your home full-time. Private live-in Carers offer support with day-to-day activities, personal hygiene maintenance, companionship, and even specialist medical care.

Our live-in care service is an extremely viable alternative to a care home. We offer one-to-one highly personalised, flexible care and support, in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of your own home. 

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"Mum has found the Carers very friendly, helpful and lovely to chat to. The care provided has given the family the peace of mind to know Mum is in safe hands and supported. "

Carol L | Daughter of Client

How does live-in care work?

A Right at Home CareGiver will live with you in your home, delivering a bespoke plan of care and support. We’ll help to define the type of care you need, following input from you, your loved ones, and other professionals involved in your care.

Our live-in Carers meet more than just your physical needs; we work with you to create a personalised care plan which incorporates your goals and personal interests. A Right at Home live-in CareGiver can support you to complete activities, errands and shopping, amongst many other things. This tailored approach allows for control, choice, independence and peace of mind.

If you are looking for uninterrupted care, 24 hours a day, we have different care solutions to ensure someone is always on hand to support you, day or night.

If you are a family CareGiver looking to go on holiday, our respite care services offer high-quality care for your loved one whilst you take a well deserved break. We can also assist family CareGivers who are looking for more regular support, to enable them to take a daily or weekly break from their CareGiving duties. 

The benefits of live-in care services

Live-in care provides you or your loved one the opportunity to stay in familiar home surroundings for as long as possible, with the help and support of a full-time CareGiver. 

Live-in care allows for one-to-one support, personal care, and help with general household tasks. This tailored level of care allows our Clients to continue living at home and remain independent.

At Right at Home, we understand that there is never an easy time to be faced with the decision to move out of your home. Older people, and vulnerable people of all ages, may not want to uproot into an unfamiliar care home setting. Live-in care or one of our 24-hour care at home packages offer a viable alternative.

In addition to the flexibility of agreed work, our Clients benefit from the reassurance that there is another person in the house. Private live-in Carers are available to assist in case of any unforeseen need or emergency. This reassurance is often a key factor in giving our Clients the confidence to continue living in their own homes.

FAQs about our live-in care services

What does full-time homecare involve?

Live-in care allows you to continue living in the comfort of your own home with a Carer available to assist you with your usual daily routine. Live-in care can take several forms but in essence, the CareGiver takes up residence in your own home and provides you with care whilst living with you. Live-in care is a real alternative to moving into a care home, providing you with the care and support you need to remain independent at home.

Why choose live-in care over residential care?

The primary benefit of live-in care is that our Clients are able to continue living at home. This can offer a vital level of familiarity for those living with dementia or a condition that could cause confusion. 

What’s more, live-in care enables CareGivers to build a relationship with their Client. Your CareGiver will work closely with you to understand your routine and needs. You will benefit from reassurance that there is another person in the house who will be able to assist you with care and agreed household tasks.

What’s the difference between live-in care and 24-hour care at home?

Live-in care is where a CareGiver lives with you in your own home. Your live-in CareGiver will support you with your daily routine, which may include helping you to get washed and dressed, preparing meals, accompanying you out in the community and general housekeeping. Your live-in CareGiver will have breaks during the day to relax and enjoy some free time and will go to sleep during the evening. For Clients who need regular care during the night, or require someone on hand at all times, a team of Carers can provide around-the-clock support so families have peace of mind that their loved one’s needs are taken care of 24-hours a day.

How many hours should a live-in Carer work?

Live-in Carers will work for an agreed number of hours each day, defined at the outset of your care plan. The number of hours that a live-in CareGiver works will vary, depending on each Client’s unique needs. 

Get in touch with your local Right at Home office to discuss a potential care plan to suit you.

How much does a live-in carer cost?

The cost of our homecare is calculated based on the Client’s individual needs and the number of hours of care they require. In some circumstances Local Authorities can help to pay for live-in care. 

Many Clients come to us wondering whether live-in homecare is cheaper than a nursing home or assisted living. Live-in care is a cost-effective alternative to a residential care home. Your live-in CareGiver will take up residence in your home for an agreed period and the cost will vary depending on the types of care you require. Contact our friendly team to outline a care plan and discuss your budget

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