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Respite Care: Breaks for Carers

Maintaining high-quality care when it’s needed most.

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What is respite care?

Respite care is temporary care to provide relief for a primary CareGiver. This may be arranged to cover a permanent CareGiver’s time off. Or, respite homecare may simply provide extra support as and when you need it. Respite care can be planned as one-off or regular visits, to provide peace of mind.

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"Right at Home is a care company that goes above and beyond their duty of care. I have found that not only do they treat my husband with the utmost respect, but the care they provide for him is also second to none. Also, the support they give to me, both carers and office staff, enables some respite for myself. I highly recommend Right at Home."

Lorraine N | Wife of Client

How can Right at Home help with respite care? 

We could arrange a one-off visit, or regular visits to give a CareGiver a break from their caring responsibilities. Alternatively, we can provide support as and when it is needed. It could be just for an hour or two, or it could be managed live-in care for a number of weeks. You may simply need companionship and security checks, or full support for someone with more complex care needs. 

Regardless of the duration of the package or the level of care needed, our approach is based entirely on that person’s usual routines. Our aim is always to make a temporary change in care services as easy for our Clients as possible.

How respite care works

As with all new Clients, we will come and spend time with them and their family in their home setting. This way we get to know every Client as an individual and can observe and learn their day-to-day routines. 

We will agree with the Client and their family on a specific care plan. This plan will address exactly how they would like their support delivered, based as much as possible on what normally happens. Our respite services should mirror our Clients’ usual care and support as closely as possible.

We will then carefully match a suitable CareGiver. Before our in-home care services begin, we’ll arrange for our team member to be introduced and approved before they begin delivering care. 

We also arrange, in advance, what level of communication the Client’s family would like during our time with them. This is to ensure that they are kept well-informed and reassured. Our respite care services should always allow friends and family to relax in the knowledge that their loved one is in safe hands.

Why respite care is important

We understand the weight of responsibility associated with providing care. So we also recognise that family carers  may need some time off from their duties. 

Yet, whilst CareGivers are not working, no vulnerable person should be left unattended. Respite care services are vital to support both CareGivers and those whom they care for.

Our Clients rely on familiar faces and regular care routines. That’s why we believe respite homecare should pick up where regular homecare services leave off, without interruption.

FAQs about our respite care services

What respite care services are available?

We are proud to be a highly-rated respite homecare provider, with a full range of services available. We offer respite services for CareGivers who usually offer:

How long can you have respite care for?

Respite care can be for a short period, or a number of weeks.

We offer short term and long term homecare agreements, offering support for regular CareGivers. You may require respite care to cover a CareGiver’s time off, holidays or day trips. 

Our social care and support can be arranged as one-off or regular visits. Rather than holiday cover, you may require respite care for a day a week, on a regular basis. There’s no strict limit to how long you can have respite homecare for. 

However long it lasts, we aim to make the temporary change in circumstances as easy for you as possible.

How much does respite care cost?

The price of our respite care will depend on the Client’s individual needs and length of care provided. We always recommend one-hour minimum visits, to be able to provide safe and effective care provision. Please contact us so we can provide you with an estimated cost of care.

Who qualifies for respite care?

Respite care is suitable for people of all ages who usually receive care or rely on friends and family every day. Whilst we often provide respite care for elderly people, our services are not exclusive to older people.

If you’re unsure whether you qualify for respite care, or to discuss short term care of any kind, contact your local Right at Home office.

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